Q. With reference to medieval India, which one of the following is the correct sequence in ascending order in terms of size?

[A] Paragana-Sarkar Suba

[B] Sarkar Paragana Suba

[C] Suba-Sarkar Paragana

[D] Paragana Suba-Sarkar

Answer: A

Why this Question) How the empire, provinces were divided during medieval period is an important static topic. 

Ans) a 

Exp) Option a is correct. 

The order according to the size is  

 Pargana >Sarkar> Suba 

The entire Suba was divided into Sarkars (districts), each being looked after by a military officer called the chief Shiqdar. Each Sarkar was divided into smaller units called Parganas. There was a Shiqdar (military officer), Amin or Munsif (Civilian Judge), one Fotahdar (treasurer) and two Karkuns (clerks or writers) in each Pargana. 

Number of villages comprised of Pargana. Above the Pargana was the sarkar . A number of sarkar group into provinces called Suba or Mahal. 

Source) Satish Chandra History of Medieval India page-138 

Subject) History