Q. With reference to the Revolt of 1857, who of the following laid siege to Jhansi in March 1857?

[A] Major General Wyndham

[B] Major General Havelock

[C] Sir Colin Campbell

[D] Sir Hugh Rose

Answer: D

Revolt of 1857

  • The Rani of Jhansi and Tantia Tope marched towards Gwalior where they were hailed by the Indian soldiers. The Sindhia, the local ruler, however, decided to side with the English and took shelter at Agra. Nana Saheb was proclaimed the Peshwa and plans were chalked out for a march into the south. Gwalior was recaptured by the English in June 1857.
  • When the British forces finally arrived in March to recapture Jhansi they found it well-defended and the fort had heavy guns that could fire over the town and nearby countryside. Hugh Rose, commanding the British forces, demanded the surrender of the city. After a fierce battle, Jhansi was fallen to the British army.

Source: NCERT