Q. With reference to the Thamirabarani civilization, consider the following statements.
1. The civilization flourished in the modern-day Kerala.
2. The civilisation developed around the Porunai river.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

[A] 1 only

[B] 2 only

[C] Both 1 and 2

[D] Neither 1 nor 2

Answer: B

A study has revealed that the Thamirabarani civilization in Tamil Nadu is at least 3,200 years old. (Statement 1 is incorrect) 

The civilisation developed around the Thamirabarani river. The Thamirabaraniis also called Porunai. So, it is also called Porunai river Civilisation. (Statement 2 is correct) 

Encouraged by this finding, the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister has announced the establishment of the Porunai Museum in Tirunelveli at a cost of ₹15 crores. 

Source: Thamirabarani civilisation 3,200 years old