Q. Yotta D1, is sometime seen in news, is related to which of the following?

[A] It is a new space craft launched to study Venus.

[B] .It is a satellite launched by Pakistan to counter Navic satellites of India.

[C] It is North Indiau2019s first hyperscale data centre.

[D] .It is a potential hazardous asteroid.

Answer: C

Yotta D1 is North India’s first hyperscale data centre.

Located in: Greater Noida, UP

Built by: Yotta Infrastructure, part of Hiranandani Group

The data centre is spread across 20 acres and will offer a total capacity of 30,000 racks, 4 dedicated fiber paths and an IT power capacity of 160 MW.

Purpose: It will cater to the full spectrum of digital transformation needs with an elaborate portfolio of solutions that include data center colocation services, network and connectivity, internet peering, IT security and smart cybersecurity and a host of application modernisation and cloud-enabled services.

Source: Y1otta D1 – North India’s first hyperscale data centre