Questions about I2U2

Source: This post is based on the article “Questions about I2U2” published in Business Standard on 17th July 2022.

Syllabus: GS2 – International Organisations and groupings.

Relevance: About the I2U2.

News: Recently, the virtual meeting of the I2U2 leaders took place.

What is the I2U2 Summit?
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What are the advantages of the I2U2 summit for India?

1) Helps in broadening and deepening the already cordial political and economic relations with Israel and the UAE, 2) I2U2 will align closely with the Indian broad policy goals in sectors such as health, water, and transportation, 3) Enhance basic physical and social infrastructure. For instance, India collaborated with Israel on drip irrigation projects in Gujarat.

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What are the challenges associated with the I2U2 summit for India?

India might face challenges in balancing India’s geopolitical equilibrium. For example, Israel views I2U2 as a step towards augmenting opposition to Iran. The growth of I2U2 might create a potential challenge for India to develop India-Iran relations.

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Does I2U2 have a security dimension?

No, the I2U2 has not yet acquired a security dimension. But the US views I2U2 as a complement to its China-centred security initiatives in the Indo-Pacific(Quad). Further, I2U2 is also referred to as a “western Asian Quad.” So, there is a high possibility like Quad, the I2U2 might acquire a security dimension.

Note: Initially the Quad started as a joint response to the devastation in the region caused by the Tsunami in 2004.

What does India need to do?

Given the tensions between India and China, India has to downplay the idea of a West Asian Quad and focus on the collaborations that will enhance the country’s developmental needs.

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