[Questions] Mains Marathon I Daily Answer Writing I August 27th, 2022

Good Morning Friends,

Following are today’s Mains Marathon Questions.

About Mains Marathon – This is an initiative of ForumIAS to help/aid aspirants in their writing skills, which is crucial to conquering mains examination.

Every morning, we post 2-3 questions based on current affairs. The questions framed are meaningful and relevant to the exam.

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1) The practice of manual cleaning of septic tanks and sewers has been, and will always be, as long as it exists, a serious concern in any country sworn to the humane treatment of all citizens. In light of the statement, critically examine the measures launched to end manual scavenging in India.  

The Hindu 

2) How far, in your opinion, Puttaswamy judgment has been able to ensure the proper right to privacy in India? 

The Hindu 

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