[Questions] Mains Marathon I Daily Answer Writing I March 25, 2020

Good Morning Friends,

We are posting Todays Mains Marathon Questions

About Mains Marathon- This is an initiative of ForumIAS to help/aid aspirants in their writing skills, which is crucial to conquering mains examination.

Every morning, we post 4 questions for students to practice. 3 questions are based on current affairs [dynamic part] and 1 question is based on the static syllabus. The questions framed are meaningful and relevant to the exam. Answers of the question are posted in the evening on the same day. 

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  1. What do you understand by the term ‘Maoism’? Discuss Indian Government policy to combat Left Wing Extremism (LWE)?

The Hindu

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  1. There is a need to actively engage local communities and civil society for containment of pandemics like COVID-19. Comment.

The Hindu

  1. What are supercomputers? Discuss the salient features and importance of ‘National Supercomputing Mission’.

The Hindu

  1. Discuss the significance of the concept of Office of Profit. Examine the role played by the judiciary in this regard.


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