Qrious Project

This project is aimed to provide the following to our esteemed readers.

  • High quality content on news that arouse curiosity and satisfy thirst for knowledge 
  • Satisfy curiosity arising from complex issues, or current news items 
  • Explaining “important” static issues that are difficult to understand for students.  

1.What is helicopter money and why its use is advocated against corona pandemic?

2.What is WHO’s funding process and why has US withdrawn its contribution?

3.What is UN Security Council’s mandate and why is it struggling to pass a resolution on corona pandemic?

4.Why FCI is not JUST Food Corruption of India? Explained.

5.What is Maze Ransomware and why is it the biggest data threat to organizations?

6.What is Polar Vortex and why is the ozone depletion in Arctic different from that of Antarctic?

7.Can Perpetual bonds provide some relief against economic effects of COVID 19 pandemic ?

8.Why are the Governments in India relying on liquor sales so much ?

9.What is the process of vaccine development and how much time does it take?

10.What is Remdesivir and why its’s effectiveness against Covid-19 is doubtful?

11.Why Google and Apple have recently banned GPS data collection for contact tracing of Covid-19 patients?

12.Why is US adamant on the redefinition of ‘developing country’ status in WTO?

13.When PMNRF already existed what was the need of PMCARES Fund?

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