Railways gets on track to overhaul signage system

Source: The post is based on the article “Railways gets on track to overhaul signage systempublished in The Hindu on 16th May 2023

What is the News?

Indian Railways is set to introduce uniform signages at all stations across the country, ensuring a consistent and easy-to-understand system for passengers.

The move is part of the Amrit Bharat Stations Scheme under which 1,275 stations are being redeveloped, with a focus on providing safe, comfortable, and clean railway premises.

Why are Indian Railways planning to overhaul the signage system?

Signages act as a guide to visitors of Railway Station premises and assist in making cognitive decisions related to their journey and other needs.

The current system of signage is inconsistent and inadequate. The Ministry of Railways has pointed out that there is a lack of uniformity in some cases. 

In others, signage overlaps with advertisements and not in the visual scheme of commuters. Some signages are not aesthetically designed and in other places, they are absent.

So, the government is planning to make changes to the signage system.

What are the changes Indian Railways is planning to bring to the signage system?

The Indian Railways will now adopt modern, standard signages which are divyang-friendly (disabled-friendly). It will also prioritize simple language, clear font, easy-to-see colours and intuitive pictograms. 

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