Railways to roll out smart coaches

Railways to roll out smart coaches


Railways roll out smart coaches with black box and diagnostics

Important Facts:

Smart Coaches are equipped with:

  1. State-of-the-art sensors that can detect defect on bearings, wheels and the railway track
  2. Centralized computer to monitor the status of all sensors through a single window
  3. Black-box has a multi-dimensional communication interface to provide information on passengers and coach condition on real-time basis.
  4. Artificial intelligence CCTVs to keep a tab on untoward incidents and the behavior of on-board staff
  5. Internet of Things based system for wheel, coach and track monitoring
  6. Emergency talk-back system will enable communication between passengers
  7. Emergency Intercom for passengers
  8. Digital destination boards
  9. CCTV with remote monitoring, upgradable with smart video analytics
  10. Wifi-based infotainment system to locate the train in real-time
  11. Water-level indicator technology to indicate the water in the coach
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