“Raisina Dialogue” 2021 -Prime Minister addresses the Inaugural Session

What is the News? The Prime Minister has delivered a video address at the Inaugural Session of the Raisina Dialogue.

About Raisina Dialogue:
  • Raisina Dialogue is an annual multilateral conference on geopolitics and geoeconomics. The Ministry of External Affairs and the Observer Research Foundation have been jointly organizing it since 2016.
  • Purpose: The conference discusses cooperation on the most challenging international policy matters.
  • Participation: The dialogue involves a variety of global policymakers including heads of state, cabinet ministers, and local government officials.
    • In addition, the Dialogue also welcomes major private sector executives, as well as members of the media and academia.
  • Significance: The design of the dialogue follows Singapore’s Shangri-La Dialogue.
  • In 2021, the conference was hosted in a hybrid format with in-person conversations and digital discussions.
  • Theme for 2021: #ViralWorld: Outbreaks, Outliers, and Out of Control”.
Observer Research Foundation(ORF)
  • Observer Research Foundation(ORF) is an independent think tank based in New Delhi. It has three centres in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.
  • Purpose: It seeks to lead and aid policy thinking towards building a strong and prosperous India in a fair and equitable world. Also, it aims to help discover and inform India’s choices. Further, it also carries Indian voices and ideas to forums shaping global debates.
  • Significance: It also provides non-partisan, well-researched analyses and inputs to diverse decision-makers in governments, business communities, and academia, and civil society around the world.

Source: PIB

[Answered]Despite differences, India and China need to come together for a multilateral, rules based world order. Comment.

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