Re-skilling and upskilling with digital interventions

News: In a world where technology advances with every passing day, employees need to keep updating their domain knowledge to keep their work performance up to the mark.

The responsibility to help them reshape their skills thus falls on the shoulders of every organization.

Why it is imperative to re-skill and upskill employees?

Here are a few reasons that have made the re-skilling and upskilling of employees vital, and the steps that could be taken to pursue this goal.

Firstly, to ensure a smooth transition of the shift in the division of labour among humans and machines. It is necessary to acknowledge and address the need to shape people’s skills for the future, starting today.

For instance, as per the Future of Jobs report of the World Economic Forum, as many as 75 million jobs may have been displaced by the end of 2022, by a shift in the division of labor among humans and machines. But it might also lead to the creation of 133 million jobs simultaneously.

Secondly, it is crucial for everyone to adapt to future technology, i.e., Artificial Intelligence (AI). With its huge potential to carry out complex calculations at lightning speed and conduct the research and analysis that is required to run a business, AI casts doubt on the jobs of millions of earners.

AI does more than just eliminate manual labor. It uses data and statistical tools to allow innovative forms of administration and equips employees in ways that can raise their productivity.

What can be done to re-skill and upskill employees?

Every organization needs to build learning & development (L&D) model:  It will help employees remain relevant to trends and thus benefit them greatly in the long run.

Under the L&D model, Productive training sessions must be conducted that would help everyone in the workforce to visualize their own career paths while simultaneously reforming their skills accordingly. These sessions can also be used to increase their technical knowledge and create awareness of updates.

Learning essential facts related to technology should be made a new normal in this digital age: Employees must develop the habit of seeking any information related to their own field, especially in the context of digital growth.

Instead of viewing automated technology as a threat to their livelihood, employees need to focus on how it will benefit them: it is the responsibility of human resource (HR) leaders to help them communicate and strategize their path ahead. Seniors need to be assisted in this transition.

The need for an open mindset: The workforce should hence be positively reinforced to take an open-minded approach towards change, as it will help reduce friction in the face of a sharp transition. An open mindset could prove to be a valuable asset in upskilling employees for future endeavors.

Source: This post is based on the article “Re-skilling and upskilling with digital interventions” published in Livemint on 13th Jan 2022.

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