Read this : 200+ Issues for Current Affairs for Mains 2018 | Begins 27 July + Download Handouts

Dear Friends,

We shall be commencing Current Affairs Classes for Mains 2018 from July 27.

Why Current Affairs Classes for Mains 2018?

For Beginners : Candidates who are writing their first Mains and have trouble finishing the syllabus can solely reply upon these for complete Current Affairs Coverage. We shall be covering everything from ToI, Hindu, Express and Mint, to RSTV and Yojana + Kurukhstra & Frontline Issues

For Candidates Seeking Rank Improvment and Marks Improvement : Most of the candidates who join ForumIAS, are generally ones who have done whatever coaching / self study they wanted to do , and come only when nothing has worked. We are aware that most of these candidates have read 4- 5 years of the Hindu and popular current Affairs, and are yet not able to improve marks / Rank.

In our opinion, there are two to three issues with such candidates

First, they are still writing the old content which they prepared in their first serious attempt at Mains . After that every subsequent attempt is amrginal improvement over the first year.

Second, they read from common source and write similar / same points and offer no content differentiation. Content – differentiation is key to getting better marks in GS Mains.

Third, even if they study something new, they end up writing what they know from previous attempts only, and add no freshness to their answers.

In the Current Affairs Classes, we aim to solve all these problems, and ensure that our students are much better prepared for Mains.

Highlights of the Current Affairs Classes

  • Holistic coverage of more than 200 issues in crisp , concise and exam oriented  manner.
  • Focus on Content – Differentiation , such that you write better content compared to your peers writing the examination.
  • Classes will be held every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 11AM.
  • Handouts for all classes will be provided before the class, for quick revision before the examination.


Attend the first Class Free

Early Bird Offer

  • Get Rs. 1000 OFF on first 100 direct Admissions . ( Discount Code EARLYBIRD  ) Get another 1000 OFF for existing MGP Students. ( USE DISCOUNT CODE MGPEARLYBIRD )

Download Current Affairs Sample Handouts

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