Recognize kids as Individuals and not just as learners

News: Pandemic has brought a lot of problems for the education sector although students, teachers have tried to adapt to these ever-occurring disturbances, but challenges still remain. 

1) Issue of diversity and inequality– While some students campaign to bring their various gadgets to the classroom for more integrated learning, plenty more continue to struggle for even a smartphone in working condition.  

2) Vaccinations, logistics, social distancing protocols and the burdens of an ever-changing curriculum weigh down students and teachers alike. 

3)Recurrent opening and shutdowns between schools has caused psychological stress among the students and teachers. 

4)Advent of hybrid learning and its challenges: Teachers struggle to maintain the interaction between the two halves of their classroom.  

5)Logistics and technical difficulties impede the flow of classes, and the students who are online are often relegated to the position of passive spectators to an ongoing class. 

The focus should be on the social-emotional challenges that children face at the moment and strategies should be devised on how to help them overcome these. 

Source: This post is based on the article “Recognize kids as Individuals and not just as learners” published in The Indian express on 3rd Jan 2022. 

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