Recruit transgenders to foster greater diversity

Synopsis: As society talks more about gender inclusion, we need to take a deeper look at all the dimensions of gender.


Recently, Tata steels have welcomed transgender individuals as candidates for their job openings. Also, Dutch paints in collaboration with National Small Industries Corp opened a painting academy designed to focus on the training of people who are identified as transgender.

What is the court ruling on the transgender community?

National Legal Service Authority vs Union of India (2014): The Supreme Court recognized that gender identity cannot merely be binary (male and female). The court also recognized the transgender community as different and identified them as the third gender.

So, in 2020 all central government departments were directed to include transgender as a third gender under India’s Constitution. Recently, Karnataka also provided reservations in their state jobs for transgender.

What is the status?

Census 2011: About half a million identify themselves as transgender, still, they are underrepresented.

There are only a few transgenders who have done well professionally like activist dancer Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, Doctor V.S. Priya, Mayor Madhu Bai Kinna, etc yet others have regular jobs.

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How should we promote a gender-inclusive society?

Corporates could take the lead. It could take up the gender sensitization policies and encourage a more gender-inclusive workplace. It could work to enhance their skills. Small gestures like Unisex bathrooms can have a symbolic effect. Such efforts should also be backed by the State, which can have a transformative effect.

Source: This post is based on “Recruit transgenders to foster greater diversity” published in the Livemint on 17th September.

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