Researchers develop nano-structured aluminium surface having multiple applications

Source: PIB

What is the News?

A group of researchers has developed a nano-structured, self-cleaning, sustainable aluminium surface by utilizing a simple and environment-friendly fabrication route.

  • This could have multiple applications ranging from biomedical to aerospace and automobiles to household appliances.
Why was this developed?
  • Aluminum is a light metal. It has many industrial applications as it can be easily cast, machined, and shaped.
  • However, atmospheric degradation due to the accumulation of contaminants and humidity significantly limits its performance and sustainability.
  • Besides, the leaching of aluminum also causes environmental and health-related issues.
  • Hence, to overcome these problems, the nano-structured, self-cleaning, sustainable aluminium surface has been developed.
Scheme Mentioned in the Article:

About Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure(FIST):

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