RESULTS: ForumIAS Simulator Test 1

Read : Analysis of Simulator 1 Performance. Click here


Dear Friends,

We thank you for your participation in the ForumIAS Simulator Test 1 – which was Open to all.

Before you click on the results – we would like to point out a few things.

First, we had conducted simulators first in 2012, which was hugely successful. However, with the change in nature of Test Series – and the culture of write-the-test-anytime-you-like, the Simulator Tests also suffered.

By which we mean that people would be casual about writing Tests, and would not care at all about rankings.

While we do not want you to obsesses over Ranks and Marks, we would expect serious candidates to get at least 50% tile – given that serious candidates generally choose to write Simulator Tests and level of competition is high.

Second, we want to conduct the Simulator Tests in an exam mode from the coming days. This means that we would like those of you who are participating in Simulator Tests to have a fixed time slot and write it at a designated time.

Obviously, since you are paying for services, this participation is optional. This means that you can register for the test and write it in mission mode – at a designated time – under exam conditions and pressure.

In return, what we promise to do is – we will evaluate and release the results – with detailed analytics – by 11:59 – of the same day. This means that those who write the tests in the Offline or Online mode between 9AM – 4PM, will get the results on the same day – with detailed analytics.

Thirdly, we will have a separate list for Offline Test Takers. Because of some candidates cheating in the online mode, and getting extremely high marks – rankings have become redundant.

We aim to solve this problem too

One, We will release the Offline List of Test Takers separately, so that use of unfair means and hence randomly high scores is reduced.

Two, we are working on developing a module on our platform that will detect fraud attempts, such that candidates who see the answer key and then attempt the test- their rankings will be invalid.

Please note that whatever we are doing, we are doing for your benefit only. It takes a lot of time energy and labour to implement these things.

Fourthly, we are here to help you. If you are unable to score well, please reach out to someone around you – whom you personally know who has cleared Prelims more than once, and seek help. You can also approach any of the Mentors and try and discuss your preparation issues. We’ll be happy to help. Note that you only need the direction, you will figure out the destination yourself.

Fifthly, We will get started with the next week’s simulator this Sunday. We would urge you to write it in an exam mode – with fixed time slots – and we will release your ranks by 12midnight the same day.

At this point, we would also like to tell you that you can choose to appear for individual simulator Tests – by paying a fee of Rs. 600 for whichever test you want to write.

Here are the links:

  • Offline Result – Consolidated List – Click here
  • Offline + Online Student Consolidated Ranks + Solutions + Analytics – Click here    (Detailed analytics will be available by tomorrow 9 PM)
  • Results on hold
  • Enrollment Link for 8 Simulator Tests + 4 CSAT Tests – Click here
  • Enrollment Link for 8 GS Simulator Tests – Click here
  • Enrollment Link for 1 Simulator Test Paper – Click Here 

NOTE : For SFG Students, there is a 10% discount available for the Simulator Test Series. This discount can be availed at the Offline Center till April 5th, 5PM. No discounts will be provided to anyone thereafter. The discount is not available via online payment gateway anymore.

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