[Results] IFoS 2019 Results Out : ForumIAS Student Rishi Secures Rank 1

Dear Friends,

IFoS 2019 results are now out. You can download the result below




Our Student Rishi has just informed us that he has secured Rank 1 . He has continued the tradition of IFos Top Rank started by Abhishek Surana ( Rank 2, IFoS years back ) , Vaibhav ( Rank 1, 2 years back ), Naveen & Arushi ( Rank 1 and 2 ) and now Rishi ( Rank 1,IFoS )


If you have secured a Rank in IFoS, you can post your ranks here and help the community members preparing for the exam.


Best wishes for the Civil Services Ranklist 🙂

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