[Important Update]Free Revision Classes to suit all your Revision Needs

ForumIAS Academy is going to commence Revision Classes dedicated to the revision of the Static portion of CSE prelims Exam 2019. These classes are absolutely free of cost. The program covers all major aspects of the static portion asked in the Exam by providing content in a crisp and Prelims-focussed manner.

How Revision Classes can help you?

Does going through the static portion of the syllabus seem like a long and never-ending task to you? Don’t know what to cover and what to skip? Then this course might help you with your Targetted Revision. It aims at providing its students with crisp and relevant content through Offline classes for the upcoming Prelims Examination.

Duration of the Course

The course starts on 26th April and goes on till 15th May. It’s a 29-hours long classroom program.

Content of the Course (Revised on 11th May)

New topics are added to the schedule on popular demand.

Subject Date and Time
Modern History 26th April (4 PM – 7 PM)
27th April (4 PM – 7 PM)
28th April (4 PM – 6 PM)
Art and Culture 1st May(4 PM – 7 PM)
2nd May(4 PM – 7 PM)
Polity 6th May(4 PM – 7 PM)
7th May(4 PM – 7 PM)
Economics 8th May(4 PM – 7 PM)
9th May(4 PM – 7 PM)
Schemes Cancelled
Last 5 years Paper Discussion(Maths & Reasoning)
13th May(4 PM – 7 PM)
14th May(4 PM – 7 PM)
Geography / Environment
/ Mapping
15th May(4 PM – 7 PM)
16th May(4 PM – 7 PM)
17th May(4 PM – 7 PM)


**Please note that the registration for classes will be done on the first-come-first-serve basis as we have limited seats available for the program**

For Registration: CLICK HERE

Come join and get fully prepared for the first battle of the year. Only 5 weeks are left until Prelims 2019. Hurry, the clock is Ticking! 🙂

For any queries email to helpdesk@forumias.academy  or reach out to us at 9821711605.

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