Rwanda announces ‘gender-balanced’ Cabinet

Rwanda announces ‘gender-balanced’ Cabinet


  1. Recently Rwanda received global attention for its efforts to encourage female representation in government by its announcement for a gender balanced cabinet.

Important Facts:

  1. Rwanda declared that women would be making up 50 percent of its now 26-seat cabinet.
  2. Rwanda already has sixty one percent of Parliament members as women.
  3. Background: Rwanda move for gender balanced cabinet comes two days after Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s announced fifty percent women members in his cabinet.
  4. Significance:
  • Rwanda and Ethiopia joins a handful of countries, mostly European, where women make up 50% or more of ministerial positions, according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union and UN Women.
  • Women recognition: The move highlights the increasing significance of women decision-making roles that have led to a decrease in gender discrimination and gender-based crimes.
  1. Comparison with USA and Canada:
  • Canada, formed the country’s first gender-equitable cabinet in 2015.
  • But the U.S. has yet to achieve such a balance as just over 27 percent of roles are held by women, with the cabinet composed of 16 men and six women.
  • Barack Obama term: Former President Barack Obama’s administration saw women occupy 30 percent of cabinet positions during his first term. That number rose to 35 percent in his second term.
  • Bill Clinton’s term: Meanwhile, 32 percent of senior-level cabinet positions were held by women during former President Bill Clinton’s first term. During his second term, 41 percent were filled by women.


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