“SAMVEDNA Helpline”- Tele Counselling of Children Impacted by Covid-19

What is the News?

Children impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic are being provided telecounseling through SAMVEDNA.

  • Firstly, SAMVEDNA stands for Sensitizing Action on Mental Health Vulnerability through Emotional Development and Necessary Acceptance.
  • Secondly, it is a toll-free helpline number that aims to provide psychological first-aid and emotional support to the COVID-19 affected children
  • Thirdly, the National Commission of Child Rights(NCPCR) provides the tele-counseling.
  • Fourthly, this tele-counselling service is available on a toll-free number 1800-121-2830. It is exclusive for children who are willing to talk and are in need of counselling.
  • Categories: Tele-counselling is provided to children under three categories:
    • children who are in quarantine/isolation/COVID care centres,
    • children who have COVID positive parents or family members and
    • Lastly, children who have lost their parents due to the pandemic.
About National Commission for Protection of Child Rights(NCPCR)
  • NCPCR is a statutory body. It was established in 2007 under the Protection of Child Rights Act (CPCR), 2005.
  • Ministry: It is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Women & Child Development.
  • Mandate: It aims to ensure that all laws, policies, programmes and administrative mechanisms are in accordance with the child rights perspective as put forward in the Constitution of India and also the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Source: PIB

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