SC raps govt for passsing ordinance

SC raps govt for passsing ordinance

What has happened?

The Supreme Court on Thursday rapped the Pinarayi Vijayan-led Kerala government for promulgating an ordinance to “blatantly nullify” last year’s apex court order freezing illegal medical admissions made in the State.

SC observed

  • It stayed the operation of the ordinance and made it clear that no student shall be permitted to reap any benefit of any action taken and they shall not be permitted to attend the college or the classes or continue in medical colleges in any manner pursuant to the ordinance
  • Violation would be treated seriously: It warned that any violation of the order “shall be treated seriously by this court.

Zero tolerance

The apex court had ordered the termination of 150 admissions in the Kannur college and 30 in the Karuna college, thus sending a strong message to private professional colleges that there would be zero tolerance if irregularities were found in admissions even at the cost of derailing the academic future of the students involved.

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