SC refuses to ban begging, says ‘no one would like to beg if not for poverty’

Source – Times Now News

What is the news?

The SC said that they won’t take an elitist stance plea to ban begging at public places amid COVID-19. It observed that no one would like to beg if not for poverty.

  • The Supreme Court turned down a petition to restrain begging at traffic lights, markets, and public places in light of the precautionary measures for the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Further, the top court has also sought the assistance of Solicitor General Tushar Mehta in the case.
About the petition-

The petition demand to restrain vagabonds and the homeless from begging to avoid movement and spread of COVID cases. The COVID-19-affected beggars and homeless people are a danger to themselves and to others. For example– Many beggars and homeless individuals are unaware of social distancing measures and have nowhere to go if they become ill. The majority of them are unable to obtain proper medical treatment and care.

The petitioners said the government had to address the needs of this segment of society immediately in anticipation of a third COVID-19 wave.

However, The SC refuses to take an elitist stance to restrain beggars, vagabonds and the homeless from begging at traffic junctions, markets and public places.

SC’s observations-
  • According to the court, a variety of socioeconomic issues prompted people to beg. Their poverty could not be alleviated by passing an order to remove them from the streets.
  • Need for a wider social welfare policy – The SC issued notices to the Centre and the Delhi government, seeking replies within two weeks on the petition’s request for beggars and vagabonds to be rehabilitated, vaccinated, and given shelter and food during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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