SC to hear Rohingya plea for help:

SC to hear Rohingya plea for help: (The Hindu)

Recently, the National Human Rights Commission issued notice to the government on the proposed deportation plan.


  • The Supreme Court on 1st September, 2017 agreed to hear an urgent plea made by two Rohingya Muslim immigrants.
  • The plea is against the government’s proposed move to deport their 40,000-strong refugee community back to their native Myanmar.


  • The two immigrants says that the Centre’s move to deport the refugees to Myanmar violated the constitutional guarantee that the Indian state should protect the life and liberty of every human being, whether citizen or not.
  • The immigrants added that The proposed deportation is contrary to the constitutional protections of Article 14 (equality), Article 21 (right to life) and Article 51(c) (respect for international law and treaty obligations) of the Constitution.
  • Most importantly if the refugees are deported, they may be executed.
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