Select Focus Group (SFG) for Prelims 2022 | Starts December 2021

At ForumIAS, our commitment to you ends not in just enrolling you for a

Selection in the Examination is at the core of everything that we do at ForumIAS.

We won’t leave you in a lurch after you are done with your Mains preparation.

The SFG and Prelims Preparatory Classes ensure that you are covered for the
Prelims too.

We commence the Select Focus Group – a selection of about 100 Top
Performing Students from all our students through an Open Competitive
Entrance Test – to train them for Prelims Examination.

The SFG 2022 entrance examination will be held in December 2021, and
selection will be done on the basis of your rankings to the Select Focus Group.

People who are not able to make it, are kept in a Reserve List and trained
parallelly to give them a second opportunity to make it to the Select Focus

ForumIAS Academy runs Prelims Preparatory Classes for students who are not
able to prepare for Prelims by Self Study.

We’ll let you know when we commence with the SFG and PPC.

Wishing You Success,
ForumIAS Academy

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