SFG 2021 Level 2 | 2nd Entrance Test | 21st March

Dear Friends,

We are writing to inform you that we shall be commencing with Level 2 of Select Focus Group –  one of our most innovative programs for successfully cracking the Prelims Examination – (SFG) 2021 from 31st March 2021.

Registrations for SFG 2021 Level 2 Entrance Test 2 are now open. You can register by clicking on the given link: https://go.forumias.com/280

The SFG 2021 Level 2 tests will be held in ONLINE MODE. If the situation improves by 22nd March and the Government allows functioning of coaching institutions, the course will be available in OFFLINE MODE as well.

The Entrance Exam will be held on 21st March in online mode.

For more details about SFG, Click Here.


Wishing you Success,
ForumIAS Academy

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