SFG 2021 | Only 2 days left for Entrance Exam

Dear Friends,

Select Focus Group –  one of our most innovative programs for successfully cracking the Prelims Examination  – (SFG) 2021 is commencing from 7th January.

100 Students will be selected for the Select Focus Group, through the SFG Entrance Exam, who will be required to report at 7AM every day 6 days a week to write an hour-long test based on a pre-planned syllabus, followed by a discussion on the same.

Every single candidate selected and retained consistently in the group with Top ranks has cleared the Prelims examination in the past.

For all details and updates regarding SFG details, visit https://go.forumias.com/247

You can register for SFG 2021 Level 1 – Entrance Test by 22nd December 12 PM.

Click Here to Register for the Entrance Test. The Entrance Exam will be held on 23rd December in online mode.


Wishing you Success,

ForumIAS Academy


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