SFG Doubt : I am feeling overwhelmed by the daily syllabus

Dear Friends,

Some of us are feeling that the syllabus for daily Tests of SFG are little bigger. We want to tell you few things.

One, whether daily syllabus is huge or small depends on what is our current preparation level.

Two, there are good number of people who are also feeling and reaching out to us that the syllabus is getting over in 4-5 hours and then they have nothing else to do.

Three, we have to raise our level of preparation in due course of time, so that we also reach a point where we are able to finish off syllabus in less time than what it is taking us.

Four, If you look at it, it is not really possible to accommodate the whole syllabus without exceeding the time limit, which in this case will go beyond the Prelims exam. Also, the people who ( generally ) are good with Prelims, and are finishing syllabus on time, are usually doing both Level 1 and Level 2. But people who are not so good with Prelims, almost never do Level 1 of SFG, becuase they think – its Level 1- and well, its not for them. Its for other people.

Give yourself time, whatever you do, do it well – and no longer you can have a laidback preparation. We expect that each of you study at least 8-10 hours before coming for an SFG test. That much amount of studying will be needed after Prelims also.

When the going gets tough, what do the tough do?

They get going.


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