SFG Final Results and Admission Update

Dear Friends,

You took the first step to cracking Prelims 2018, when you decided to get some discipline and write a Test this Friday at the ForumIAS Offline Center.

We have sent an SMS last night To all Test Takers ( whose OMR sheets were scannable and a least 80% error free ) about their position in the SFG.

First, we would like to Congratulate those of you who have been Selected for the Select Focus Group ( SFG ) Prelims 2018.

You are on a remarkable journey to CSE 2018 Preparation.

Because we know, that for a lot of you, Prelims is the only bottleneck between you and a place in the Final List. Some of you have been associated with us for sometime now, and its paiinful to see the annual failure – whatever be the reasons behind it.

The idea of SFG came last year when about 5 students – Raushan, Manish, Kunal, Rishi, Minal and Divya – who had not been able to clear Prelims before, formed a group last year and we used to meet on Sundays at ForumIAS discussing the ForumIAS Test Paper. 5 out of the 7 cleared Prelims, and it was only because of the weekly interaction we had.

Plus they all slogged.

The SFG extends that – with more discipline and commitment from your side.

The question you need to ask yourself is – Are you interested in clearing Prelims 2018 or are you committed to clearing ?

Because if you are interested, you will do a couple of things. But if you are committed, you will do whatever it takes. This is what we need from you. Do whatever it takes.

For the Universe has no place for people who are not willing to fight for their dreams. Remember that your position in SFG is not permanent – like most things in life.

Everyday, you will have to fight for your place in the Universe. And the SFG.

We will be having upto 150 Candidates in the SFG – one third of whom – the bottom 50 – will be moved out of SFG every week based on your average score of the week. If you miss a test, of if you are late, you get zero marks for the test.

There will no exemptions or excuses.

If you have received an SMS from us with respect to your admission in the Special Focus Group (SFG) , you must follow the below steps.

1) Confirm your admission by enrolling at this Instamojo Link http://imojo.in/cnbzdx ( Shared Cost is Rs. 600 + Payment Gateway Charges for the month of January )
2) Visit the Offline Center and fill up the admission form showing the SMS and Instamojo Receipt. Please carry a photograph with you.
3) All Admission formalities must be completed by Monday 4PM, failing which your seat will be given to the next deserving candidate.

Your Daily Schedule will be as follows

* 8:15AM – 9:15AM – Daily Test
* 9:15AM – 10AM – Discussion and Orientation

Test Result & Rank+ Score Timing will be 2PM everyday – of the same day
Weekly Rank will be generated on the basis of your average performance by Saturday 12PM
Your Batch is not permanent, and every week 1/3rd of bottom performing SFG students will be replaced by the equal number of top performing Reserve List Group ( RLG ) Students

Reserve List Group

While we want to accomodate all of you – close to another 600 students, as of now, we will only be able to take you up 150 people in the Reserve List Group ( RLG ). You will be allowed to write the Tests on daily basis at the Offline Center ONLY.

Steps for Reserve List Group Students

1) You can secure your seat by enrolling at the Instamojo Link. ( http://imojo.in/cezwx2 ) ( Your shared cost is Rs. 1000+ Payment Gateway Charges ) Payments have to be done ONLINE only.

2) Visit the Offline Center and fill up the Admission Form. Please carry a passport size photograph with you.
3) All formalities for admission must be completed by Tuesday 4PM, failing which other candidates will be invited to take your place.

Schedule of writing Test

* 7AM – 8AM : Monday to Friday

How it works

Your position in the groups is not permanent. Every Saturday, a ranklist for each batch will be generated separately.
Bottom 1/3rd of the candidates from SFG will be moved to the RGL from the coming Monday An equal number of candidates from the RGL will be moved into the SFG. This information will be

You must compete every single day. There is no place for complacency at all. Not one bit. The fees paid by you is merely to share a part of the cost of the program and the rest is subsidised through other ForumIAS programs.

The Program aims to inculcate the qualities of discipline, punctuality, completing tasks in a time bound manner ( time management ) and eliminates people who are unable to get rid of procastination, laziness, habit of doing things based on mood and comfort.

So, any exceptions, excuses or reasons will be detrimental to your position only.

What if you are neither selected for SFG or Reserve List Group?

First, analyze why were you not able to make it.

One, because some people in the later batches cheated and scored better.

False. To be honest, among the top 150 people, more than 00 people were from the 8AM Batch. In fact we saw that people who were in the 8AM batch registered early, and more committed to the purpose.

Second, the Top 100 are genius and you are not.

False, because every single of them have failed Prelims before. We personally know most of our students. Cracking Prelims is a function of revision, writing tests, and consistency + right guidance. Plus, UPSC is not about genius, it is about hard work.

Third, they were more experiences than you.

Let us tell you the truth. We always tell our Interview candidates to make it in this attempt, because the ones with more experience will always be beaten by the ones who are writing their first attempt – the ones with more energy. And we will repeat it for you. Do not be afraid of the 3rd attempt guy. In fact he should be afraid of the first attempt candidate.

While, we want to accommodate all 700+ of you , plus the few hundred people who have reached out to us for the program, separately –  Unfortunately, as of now, we will only be able to take 150 people in SFG and 150 in the RLG.

Also, since some people may not join, some you may be given an opportunity to join.

In case you are not able to make it to either group, we want you to study and take revenge.

From ForumIAS. And from the ones who defeated you. ( Not a real one, but a healthy competitive one )

We are planning to come up with another batch from around Feb 15th for the same.

You must prepare hard and try to secure a position there.

If you are unable to compete then also, you will yet be given another chance on June 3 in the Prelims examination.

And if you are unable to compete then also – the third time,  then it means you are not able to study at the pace which India’s most competitive examination demands.

And one months one week is a long enough time to change the world. We only want you to improve your preparation.

You can say you did not have good preparation now because of optional, you didnt get time to prepare – X,Y,X reasons etc.

You have one full month for Feb.

So take this is as a revenge – if you are not able to make it to any of the groups, – and try to top the exam in Feb. So that you clear it in a breeze on June 3.

And this is how mountains are conquered.



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