SFG : How it works!

In SFG, 100 students will be selected to write the daily Tests in the offline mode in New Delhi, Hyderabad and Patna at 7AM.

The other students will be in the Reserve List Group ( RLG ).

As of now, the top 100 candidates have been selected for SFG and a tentative Reserve List Group has been created.

You will be having tests about 5-6 days a week at 7AM. In both online and offline mode. You must check your daily plan shared with you in the official noticeboard.

The Tests will be of one hour duration – having 50 questions. The Course Plan for the week has been shared with you on the Noticeboard.


Difference between SFG and RLG

  • Both SFG and RLG Candidates will be writing the tests daily at 7AM. There is no distinction between the 2 groups in terms of test writing.
  • SFG and RLG is not a fixed arrangement, but will be a dynamic one. There will be a daily ranklist and a weekly ranklist.
  • Post Test Discussions will only be held for  SFG students – this number is capped at 100. If you want to attend Post Test Discussion, work hard and upgrade to SFG next week.
  • The re-shuffle from SFG to be RLG be on a weekly basis. The SFG number is capped at 100. After the weekly re-shuffle, candidates in SFG for that week will be allowed to attend the discussions.
  • At the end of every 3 or 4 weeks there will be a monthly Ranklist of SFG and RLG Students. Candidates will have to renew their subscription in the next month based on which group they are allotted to. For Fee Payments , the monthly ranklist will be the criteria.

Rules and Regulations of SFG / RLG Tests – Do not join the program if you cannot adhere to the rules and regulation.

  • Tests will begin at the designated time . This is not a i-will-write-a-test-whenever-i-want system. If you miss a test, you will be awarded 0 marks.
  • When awarded 0 marks, your weekly average is likely to drop and your rank will be affected.
  • You will not be allowed to write the test  later if you miss a test under any circumstance. Question Papers will not be given to you except at the designated time, under any circumstance. 
  • We have tried to build this program at a low cost, and kept it at a bare minimum. We are also not very strict with respect to fee payments. However we have seen that a lot of candidates misuse this student friendliness. There will be a clear deadline for fee payments which will be online only. In case any candidate is found writing tests at the offline center , without proper fee payments, there will be a penalty of Rs. 1000 /- for each test, failing which he will be barred from SFG as well as any other ForumIAS Courses without any refund of fees. We are forced to take this step in light of our previous year experience.
  • By joining this program, you agree to abide by the rules and terms and conditions given below.

Terms & Conditions

  • This is a subsidised program to ensure that candidates who have been unable to clear Prelims before clear it in one go. ForumIAS shall bear 60% of the program while the candidate has to bear 40% of the program cost.
  • A candidate cannot pay the fee for all the full program duration  at one go. All such requests will be rejected. Fees Payment will have to be done only on a monthly basis.
  • This is not a  Test Series Plan and offers no flexibility. There will be an answer-key which will be provided to the student on the noticeboard. There will also be detailed solution for the same.
  • There is a separate Prelims Test Series ( PTS )  which has full length papers of 2 hours duration. Students are encouraged to join at least one PTS having full duration ( 2 hours ) length question paper. We recommend joining the PTS or at least the Simulators.
  • There will be no fee refunds of any sort for whatever reasons.


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