SFG Doubt : Online Students Scoring Way Higher Marks?

Dear Friends,

Some of our friends are concerned about the unduly high scores of some students who are writing the SFG tests in the online mode. We have often seen and verified that some students, out of lack of maturity, use unfair means in the online test.

Usually the logic used is – See I was scoring top marks – like 100 in SFG, and even then I did not clear Prelims

Conclusion : UPSC Prelims is unpredictable, and therefore do nothing. Not even SFG.

We advise all our students to refer to the offline ranklist for a good benchmark, and ignore the list of online test takers, where we see unscrupulous behaviour by some students.

Also there are enough number of people who have cleared Prelims for the first time with SFG. You can even refer to this discussion

Also, if you are an online test taker, and doing the SFG papers with all honesty, we also advise you to refer to the offline list and benchmark your performance as per the offline list, and not the consolidated list.

Your Mentors


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