Shabd Shala Initiative: Finding Indian language equivalents for selfie, drones…

Source: The post is based on the article “Finding Indian language equivalents for selfie, drones” published in The Hindu on 14th November 2022.

What is the News?

The Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology(CSTT) will soon launch the ‘Shabd Shala’ initiative.

What is the Shabd Shala Initiative?

Shabd Shala is a website which will invite suggestions for the translation of words that are recent additions to the English language and are used widely in India. 

People across India can log onto the website and provide suggestions for possible translations of these words or the most prevalent usages in their respective languages.

The suggestions will not be limited to only 22 languages (covered under the Eight Schedule). People can provide translations in other languages like Bhojpuri and Nagamese.

Significance: ‘Selfie’, ‘drones’, ‘metaverse’, and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ are among the new “technical” English words that become a part of the Indian psyche and culture but have no formal translations into Indian languages.

– This initiative will help in finding standardized vernacular versions of these words in common usage.

What is the Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology(CSTT)?

Established in: 1961 by the Government of India under Article 344(4) of Indian Constitution.

Mandate: To evolve technical terminology in all Indian Languages, propagate its use and distribute it widely.

Nodal Ministry: Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education.

Headquarters: New Delhi.

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