Should I Join SFG now? Is it too early to join SFG?

A lot of students are reaching out to us asking if it is too early to join SFG. The decision to write the SFG Entrance Test is going to be yours, but here are some thoughts.

First, if you have cleared prelims before, and consistently so, like 2 times at least, SFG Level 1 is not for you. You can safely go for SFG level 2 for the discipline, and that will do the job

If you have flunked in prelims two times or more and never written Mains, we beg/ urge / suggest you to start preparing for prelims early, and not make flunking prelims an annual festival. You must join SFG by all means, if you are confused, depressed, under-confident or simply clueless about clearing prelims, and you must join SFG December Batch.

And avoid / slap people who tell you – what will you do by clearing prelims if you are not prepared for Mains. If you are so sincere and concerned, and if your mains preparation will be completely derailed by studying for Prelims in December( which is the actual time for Prelims preparation commencement since decades, before there was a change in the CSE calendar when exam as shifted from May/June to August/Sept/Oct. ), it is better to take a year break and go for CSE 2023. But please by all means do not go for Mains / Optional only preparation till late Feb, and blame UPSC for unpredictable nature.

Secondly, please go through the exam calendar. We are asking you to read NCERTs and basic books. They should not take so much time. A good candidate is able to finish it in 5-6 hours and you can focus on Mains prep the rest of the time. If you cant’t finish it off in that time duration it does not mean you are not a candidate, rather it means that your preparation is less than standard, and you need to make up for it by studying more number of hours.

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