Simulator Test Series – Countdown to Prelims 2020 | Schedule | Starts March 29

Dear Friends,

We are delighted to share with you that the Simulator Test shall be commencing from the coming Sunday – March 29th.

First a brief background

We started with the Simulators way back in 2012, and year on year we have had under 20 Rank holders in Civil Services Examination and Indian Forest Examination who have been diligently following the Simulators.

We feel privileged that our students over the years have given us a thumbs up for the Simulator Test Series, which has only helped us in maintaining its USP.

We have updated the Simulator Test Series to make them more meaningful and have added some Tests in Practice mode.

Before we proceed, here are a few things that we want to share with you with respect to Simulators.

#1 What are Simulator Tests?

Simulator Tests are a series of Test Papers that aim to “simulate” the previous years papers so as to ensure that

  • you are prepared for any type of paper, given the dynamic nature of prelims
  • you maintain a consistent score across the various tests
  • prelims examination is no more a surprise for you.

#2 Simulators are not ‘balanced papers’.

The Simulators are not a balanced paper – some of History, some of Geography, above average difficulty level like a conventional Test Series. 

Rather, the USP of Simulators is that it tries to replicate the Paper of previous years from CSE 2019, till the past 8 years. So some papers may have more Current Affairs, some may have more of Polity, some may have more of Geography – as has the been the previous years trends.

This is important because most of the time candidates are used to solving “balanced papers.” In Simulators what may happen is that depending on your strength areas and weak areas, you may find some simulators easy and some difficult.

As a student, however, your objective should be to ensure that

  • good performance in papers which have your strong areas
  • not falling below a certain marks/ ranks in papers which do not have your domination of your strong areas.

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( So that when you write Test, you know that you are in the right direction. )

#3 What our Students Say about Simulators

ForumIAS Simulator Test Series were very instrumental in my success at Prelims. I wrote all the Tests of ForumIAS Test Series for Prelims.

– Saumya Pandey, IAS Rank 4

ForumIAS Test Series   helped me to revise regularly especially the core books like Indian Polity by Laxmikant, spectrum history book by Rajiv Ahir, Environment by ShankarIAS etc. The Simulator Tests helped me to locate and improve upon my weak areas, and ensured that exam is no more a surprise.

– Abhisek Chaurasiya ( Cleared for IAS & IFoS , Rank 72 & Rank 5 )


– Ashima Mittal, Rank 12, CSE 2017


– Shikhar Choudhary, AIR 9, IFoS 2019

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#4 NEW : Introducing the Discipline Mode

We are continuously thinking about how we can make the preparation – not easier, but more meaningful. Ultimately this is a competitive examination, and while you may have lot of FREE stuff, easy stuff, right in your inbox  + hundreds of preparation articles every day, what is needed is three things to clear the exam

  • Discipline,
  • Rigour
  • Timely Revision

Keeping this in mind we have come up with Simulator Tests in Discipline Mode.

#5 What is the Discipline Mode of Test Writing?

In Discipline Mode Timings of Writing Tests, we try to enforce the discipline that we otherwise have in offline mode – that is fixed timings.

That means, we have some rules

  • First, if you start your exam during discipline hours, your test will be submitted when you click submit or when the “discipline mode” hours end – whichever occurs first.
  • Second, If you want to write tests anytime , please do not attempt the Tests during the discipline hours, but anytime after that! If you begin attending the tests during the discipline hours, your test will be auto-submitted at the end of discipline hours.

#6 Why are we coming up with Discipline Mode?

The world has changed a lot. We know that literally every coaching / website out there gives you “freedom” and “choices” to write tests anytime you like.

To beat this, we started the SFG program, to bring back two things needed to clear the exam – discipline and timeliness.

The exam will be held at a fixed time slot. And we have to complete syllabus before that. We have seen that flexibility of writing tests, led to complete breakdown of discipline among students.It also led to poor learning outcomes also.

Also, some serious students get disadvantaged because hardly 50-100  of the subscribed students write the test on the day of the exam, and therefore rankings cannot be generated unless a sufficient number of people have written the test.

In Discipline Mode, we expect that a larger number of students will write the test , and will be come more serious.

Further, from our side, the results will come out by night of the same day, so it will help us gauge the position better.

#7 BONUS : We are entering Complete Exam Mode from April 1

From April 1, we are entering complete Exam Mode. This means that from now onwards, we want you to write Test at 9:30AM  – as per actual UPSC Timings.

For this, we are providing additional Test from Important Chapters – the Select Focus Chapters of Each Subject, on which we want you to pre-read, pre-pare and sit for a Test to evaluate yourself.

This means that we will have some additional tests on Select Focus Issues, which we want you to prepare beforehand and write the test, not for the competition, but for self-assessment.

#8 Test Plan & Calendar

Click below to view the schedule.

#10 How to Enrol?

To enrol in the program, you can use the below options.
make the payment at the below link or email us at

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