Singapore clears Lab-grown meat

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News: Singapore Food Agency(SFA) has approved the sale of a lab-grown meat product.This is the first time cultured meat has been cleared for sale anywhere in the world.


  • What is Lab Grown Meat? Lab Grown Meat or Cultured meat is meat produced by in vitro cell culture of animal cells instead of from slaughtered animals.
  • How is lab-grown different from plant-based meat?
    • The plant based meat is made from plant sources such as soy or pea protein while cultured meat is grown directly from cells in a laboratory.
    • In terms of cellular structure, cultured or cultivated meat is the same as conventional meat — except that cultured meat does not come directly from animals.
  • Advantages of Lab Grown Meat:
    • The lab grown meat could reduce land use by more than 95%, climate change emissions by 74-87% and nutrient pollution by 94%.
    • As meat is created in clean facilities, the risk of contamination by pathogens such as salmonella and E coli is significantly reduced thereby reducing the threat posed to public health by growing antibiotic resistance.
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