Skills mission underperforms on training, placement goals

Source: Livemint


Given India’s young population and vast labour force, Skills India Mission was expected to give huge dividends. However, as per the recent data, the mission seems to be underperforming. 

About the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana(PMKVY)

The scheme has 2 components,  

  • Short term training STT – Focused on training, certification and placement  
  • Recognition of prior learning RPL – Orientation and certification based on existing talents. 

It is implemented through skills partners affiliated with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).  

  • PMKVY trained 6.59 Mn against the target of 7.62 Mn of these only 5.25 Mn were certified and 2.32 Mn were placed.  
  • Against a target of 70%, only 35% were placed.  
  • In Karnataka, 222378 people were trained and only 72881 were placed. This reflected poor performance at the state level also. 
 Monitoring mechanism of the Scheme 
  • The training process of the candidates, assessment, certification and placement is monitored in real-time. 
  • Training centres are put through processes like self-audit reporting, call validations and surprise visits.  

Way forward 

  • There is a need for effective appraisal of the schemes. 
  • Improve monitoring by involving district skill centres (DSC)  

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