Smog control: Another symbol over substance

Source: Livemint

What is the news?

Earlier this week, Delhi installed Anti-smog tower in the city to purify the polluted air in the city. The step has received both positive and negative responses. There are concerns surrounding the Anti-smog tower as an effective tool to address the air pollution.

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Global experience
  • China– China made a minor show of a 7-metre high anti-smog tower erected in Beijing. It promised to use green energy to clean up 70% of the locality’s breathable particles. However, the concept was trashed by experts there for its lack of efficacy in a megacity. So, China’s policy focus shifted to emission clamps and reforestation efforts such as great green wall.
  • Los Angeles– It took similar measures and is now focusing on improving energy efficiency
Way forward
  • Clearly, Anti-smog towers are not a solution for air pollution. Smog requires reduction at source. We need a broad action plan that includes incentives at the level of farm stubble.
  • Equitable coverage is needed to make anti-smog tower work effectively
  • We must move beyond this small approach to actual mitigation of the crisis
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