Spiny Horntail: Rare dragonfly spotted in Kerala for the first time

What is the News?

Dragonfly enthusiasts have recorded the presence of a rare dragonfly species named “Spiny Horntail” that was not seen in Kerala until now.

What is Spiny Horntail?

Spiny Horntail (Burmagomphus chaukulensis) is a dragonfly species.

This species is known to be endemic to the Western Ghats and was discovered in Maharashtra earlier this year.

The species differs from other Burmagomphus species by the markings on the lateral thorax and the peculiar shape of anal appendages.

About Burmagomphus

Burmagomphus is a genus of dragonfly in the family Gomphidae. 

Prior to the finding of B. chaukulensi, Burmagomphus was represented by three species – B. cauvericus, B. pyramidalis and B. laidlawi. 

While B. laidlawi is found throughout the Western Ghats, B. cauvericus is more restricted in its distribution. B. pyramidalis is found in the Western Ghats as well as in Peninsular India .All other species of the genus are found in the Western and Eastern Himalayas.

Source: The post is based on the article “Rare dragonfly spotted in Kerala for the first timepublished in The Hindu on 21st June 2022.

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