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Welcome to ForumIAS Blog.

We started ForumIAS in 2012 with one single goal : to connect IAS aspirants across the nation preparing for Civil Services. Things that we wish we knew before we started out. Today, ForumIAS is the most trusted platform for Civil Services Preparation, which has produced Rank 1 in both IAS and in IFS.

ForumIAS is committed to a completely online free IAS Preparation for Civil Services Examination and Indian Forest Service. To receive updates from ForumIAS including Current Affairs and Tips from Toppers and Mentors, click here to subscribe to this Blog immediately.

Who is ForumIAS for?

ForumIAS is for anyone who is planning to write the Civil Services Examination. In case you have just started ( or even otherwise ) , you can begin by reading about the Myths about IAS Examination here.

In case you have been asking these questions, you have come to the right place.

  1. How can I prepare for the Civil Services Examination?
  2. How can I prepare for Indian Forest Service?
  3. What is the books that I need to buy for the Civil Services Examination?
  4. Can I crack Civil Services Examination without coaching?
  5. Do I need to study for 18 hours to crack the Civil Services Examination?
  6. Can I prepare for IAS alongside a job?
  7. How difficult is it for married women to prepare for Civil Services? What is the success ratio?
  8. Why is the Civil Services Examination called the mother of all examinations? How difficult is it?

Or if you have any other question, we are a half million strong – that is 500,000 strong community willing to help you. All you have to do is to ask a question here.

At ForumIAS we provide the following:

  • ForumIAS Discussion Platform : This is where we started. Ask questions, find out the latest news about Civil Services. Meet people preparing for Civil Services from Old Rajinder Nagar, Mukherji Nagar, Karol Bagh in Delhi, and Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and the rest of India.
  • ForumIAS Blog : This is where we update daily Current Affairs News and Questions and Answers for Prelims, Mains and Interview
  • ForumIAS Academy : We also provide paid courses for preparing for the Prelims, Mains and the Interview. You can find out more about them here or visit the Forumias Academy website here

ForumIAS Blog content is 100% FREE and we are continuously innovating to provide you better and more relevant content all the time.

How do I prepare Current Affairs from ForumIAS?

You can completely bank upon ForumIAS for your Current Affairs Preparation. We provide you current Affairs through Daily initiatives and monthly magazine.

We run the below initiatives for Current Affairs Preparation.

  • Must Read News Articles : In this initiative, we post the links of the important articles from newspapers ( The Hindu ) that are to be read daily . So if you do not like reading the newspaper, or if you do not get the Hindu newspaper, we have you covered. Visit link : and bookmark it kick start reading the newspaper.
  • Mains Marathon : These are a set of 5 questions that we post everyday from Current Affairs, so that you can write your answers sitting at home, and practice answer writing for free. You can even upload your answers and you get peer reviewed for free.
  • 7PM Daily Editorial : Everyday we pick up one important editorial articles and make comprehensive notes out of it – and share it with you. So that you do not miss a single important issues throughout your preparation.
  • 10PM Daily Quiz : Everyday, at 10PM , we release a set of 6-10 questions drawn from Current Affairs for your practice. Write the quiz online, and see how well you have been doing Current Affairs
  • 9PM Brief : The 9 PM brief is ForumIAS summary of important news of the day. Sharp at 9PM, you get Todays Newspaper summary in crisp format. You will be addicted to Current Affairs even before you know!

But I have heard that coaching is essential for cracking Civil Services?

While coaching does help prepare better, a lot of people every year do not take coaching and prepare for Civils using the Internet. Do not believe us?

Refer to blogs of ForumIAS Members such as Gaurav Aggarwal, also known as @crazyphoton on the ForumIAS Community , who relied solely on platforms like ForumIAS to prepare for Civil Services.

Having said that, you can read this definitive guide on Coaching or no Coaching for Civil Services.

Do you guys also run a coaching?

We do! However, it is not a conventional coaching! And do some innovative stuff  to help you prepare for the Civil Services Examination. We make you competitive so that you can crack the exam in one go. There are people who have done it too 🙂

You can visit this link to view enrol for courses with us. All our courses, with the exception of SFG are available in online mode.

What are courses that you run for Offline Students?

Comprehensive Guidance Program  ( CGP)

Mains Guidance Program ( MGP )

Prelims Test Series ( PTS)

Preparation Guide for Civil Services Preparation

General Studies ( Prelims ) Preparation Guide

General Studies ( Mains ) Preparation Guide

Optional Subjects Preparation Guide

Interview Preparation Guide


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