States told to identify ‘illegal’ immigrants

States told to identify ‘illegal’ immigrants

What has happened?

The Home Ministry has asked State governments to “capture the biographic and biometric particulars” of illegal immigrants and “restrict them to specified locations.

Collect biometric particulars and restrict people to specified locations

  • The letter without mentioning “Rohingya” has asked local authorities to identify those illegal immigrants in possession of Aadhaar cards and begin the procedure to deport them.
  • Revised guidelines were meant for all illegal immigrants, including those from Bangladesh and Afghanistan
  • The State authorities have been asked to report such cards to the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) for further legal action.

Tribunal has final say

Identifying an undocumented citizen was a tedious process and the final decision lay with a Tribunal, which is set up in such cases to determine their nationality

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