Stirs by non-state actors a potential threat, says CRPF

Source: The post is based on the article Stirs by non-state actors a potential threat, says CRPFpublished in TOI on 16th January 2023.

What is the News?

The Central Reserve Police Force(CRPF) has briefed the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Home Ministry on the future challenge to internal security.

What is the CRPF?

CRPF is India’s largest Central Armed Police Force(CAPF).It functions under the aegis of Ministry of Home Affairs.

Mandate: It is currently engaged in assisting state police in law and order duties, counter-terror operations in J&K, anti-Naxal fight and security of vital installations and 129 VIPs.

What are the challenges to internal security highlighted by CRPF?

CRPF views agitations, particularly those fuelled by non-state actors, as a potential source of bigger unrest that could take the country’s system hostage. 

It also sees negative usage of social media for radicalisation and misinformation as well as asymmetric warfare waged by national and transnational players looking to exploit ethnic, social and religious differences to destabilize India in a short span of time as a future challenge to internal security.

How is CRPF planning to tackle these internal challenges?

Firstly, it hopes to counter these new age challenges by not only raising more battalions by the year 2047 but also through regular acquisition of latest weaponry, communication and transportation facilities.

Secondly, it aims to develop its capacity to ‘fight in built-up areas‘ (FIBUA) to counter the rising threat of “hybrid warfare” in urban settings by non-State actors purportedly supported by inimical States.

Thirdly, it aims to enhance its ISTAR (intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance) capabilities. 

Fourthly, it also intends to expose its personnel to international training programmes and joint exercises to enhance their skills in responding to the threat of asymmetric warfare and VIP security.


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