Stone-age carvings found in Aravalis in Gurugram

Source: The post is based on the article “Stone-age carvings found in Aravalis in Gurugram” published in TOI on 7th February 2023.

What is the News?

Various Paleolithic paintings found in the Aravalli hills and the latest discovery of stone carvings in the Badshahpur area of Gurugram has widened the trove of history in the Gurugram region.

What has been discovered by Archaeologists?

Archaeologists have discovered petroglyphs (an image that is carved into a rock) in the Badshahpur area of Gurugram.

The petroglyphs discovered in the area include graffiti and hand and footprints of humans and animals engraved on quartzite rocks.

Archaeologists believe that these carvings are more than 10,000 BP(before present) old. 

Note: The Paleolithic era spans from about 25 lakh years to 10,000 BP (before present, the carbon dating marker that archaeologists use with 1950 treated as the base year).

About Aravallis as a pre-historic site

The Aravallis have been a subject of pre-historic research for several decades. 

Paleolithic paintings have been discovered in the region earlier. In 2021, the archaeological department discovered a 5,000-hectare site in Faridabad’s Mangar, where cave paintings were found along with rock shelters and tools.

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