Strategic Mistakes and Handling Tricky Questions + Registrations

Dear Friends,

In my career as a Mentor, sometime in 2016, my colleague told me that about a girl who insisted on a one-on-one session with me.

“But we do not have a place to sit in Rajinder Nagar”, I said.

“She has been insisting. See if you can help.”

Help I did. I remember rushing through the stairs to avoid being late when I ran into her as she was helped by a friend to take the stairs.

She was visually challenged, I realised!

The belief – or hope – that the Board may be sympathetic to visually challenged or PH candidates is as false as it is popular and easy to believe, and such candidates sometimes have to put an even bigger effort, I have observed.

The iron lady fought to become India’s visually challenged women IAS officer, or so I read in the newspapers.

Taking one-on-one sessions with over 2000+ candidates for the personality Test over the past half a decade has been a humbling experience.

However, there are some things that must be said again and again.

This year, we have 1100+ students from the Academy ( plus the community as well) who will be appearing for the Personality Test. While we will try my best to speak to each of them, we do end up prioritising candidates who have not been able to secure good marks in the past.

This Wednesday at 8:30 PM, I will be having a re-orientation session for Interview Preparation.

Register at the below link now:

I have enumerated the below as agenda for the session.

  1. The Single Most Important Tip for Visually challenged candidates.
  2. The importance of a slow Interview
  3. Do they check Knowledge in the Personality Test?
  4. The Due Diligence element in the personality Test
  5. Is Honesty the best policy?
  6. The Long Gap and six years of jobless preparation question.
  7. Handling the Why IAS Question.
  8. Is Social Service a good motive for Civil Service?
  9. Preparing the Hobbies and level of preparation needed.
  10. Being thorough with Current Affairs.
  11. A framework for handling controversial questions.

Candidates whose Interview is after August 15th, 2021 are requested to attend the session online and register for the same. Candidates who have their Interview before August 15th are requested to avoid it, since any last moment changes or ideas are not advisable.

The session will be LIVE.

If you have any doubts or queries, do send it in at

And do not miss the session. Never miss a good piece of advice.

Won’t be the usual Yada- Yada, I promise


Until next time,



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