‘Stringent action to prevent data misuse’:

‘Stringent action to prevent data misuse’:


  • Government’s commitment to ensuring data protection.


  • The IT Minister assured that unauthorized use of data would be dealt with stringent actions.
  • The Government wants to make data analytics a national movement.

Why is such a stringent stand of the government required?  

  • Big data analytics can help in precision governance and inclusive growth of the country.
  • Right to privacy has been recognized as a Fundamental Right by the Supreme Court of India.

What is the area of opportunity?

  • Currently, in India, there is a big gap between data being available and data being utilized.

How to promote big data analytics?

  • To promote big data analytics, the government has come out with various IT initiative like 24-hour Hackathon under Startup Eco-system Development programme.
  • The Open Government Data (OGD) Platform was started in March 2012.
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