Stung India slams ‘inaccurate’ UN reports:

Stung India slams ‘inaccurate’ UN reports:


  • India terms the UN Human Rights Council’s report on Human Right violation in India selective.

What is the report all about?

  • The United Nations Human Right Council has released report on the status of Human Rights in 40 countries.

What has been said about India?

  • India is being criticized for incidents like cow vigilantes, Kashmir issue and stands on Rohingya refugees.

What has the government said in its reply?

  • India’s Permanent Representative to the UN termed the report of UN’s Human Rights Council is inaccurate and selective.
  • He argued that the country is proud of its independent judiciary, freedom of the press, vibrant civil society and respect for rule of law and human rights.
  • He clarified that the Prime Minister himself publicly condemned violence in the name of cow protection
  • It is being said that a lone incident of violence or murder cannot be taken for consideration to depict a broader societal picture of the country.
  • Like other countries, India is concerned about illegal migrants, security and law and order issues.
  • On the Kashmir issue, the government said that the UN report overlooked to issue of terrorism in the region.
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