Sumy success: With Operation Ganga winding down, India must now take a clear position on Ukraine crisis

News: The 700 Indian students were finally successfully evacuated from the north-eastern Ukrainian city of Sumy through Operation Ganga.

As a result of Indian diplomacy, the Ukrainians and Russians agreed to provide safe passage to the Sumy students. A humanitarian corridor was established for extraction of students which was quite challenging to be established.

History of India’s Successful Evacuation Missions from War-Torn Countries

1990 Kuwait airlift: Around 1,70,000 Indians were brought back home after Iraqi forces invaded Kuwait, kicking off the first Gulf War.

2006 Operation Sukoon: India evacuated not just Indians but also nationals of neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka and Nepal with the help of the Indian navy when conflict between Israel and Hezbollah broke out in 2006

2015 Operation Rahat: India evacuated nearly 4,000 citizens along with foreign nationals of 26 countries from war-torn Yemen.

Source: The post is based on the article “Sumy success: with operation Ganga winding down, India  must now take a clear position on Ukraine Crisis” published in the times of India on 10th March 2022

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