Supreme court approves “CBSE assessment formula”

What is the News?

Earlier, the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) cancelled Class 12th final exams due to COVID-19. Recently the Supreme Court of India has approved the formula submitted by the CBSE to assess the final marks of Class 12 students.

What is the CBSE assessment formula?

The CBSE assessment formula has divided the marks’ assessment process into two components — theory and practical.

Theory Component: The theory component is based on the 30:30:40 formula:

  • Firstly, the first 30% weightage will be given based on the average scores obtained by the students in Class 10 in their three best performing subjects out of a total five.
  • Secondly, another 30% weightage would be given to marks based on the theory component of the final exam taken in Class 11.
  • Finally, 40% weightage would be given for marks obtained in one or more unit tests, mid-term exams and pre-board exams in Class 12.
Practical Component:
  • On the practical side, the calculation would be on the “actual basis” of the marks uploaded by the schools on the CBSE’s portal.

What happens to a student who does not get pass marks through this method?

  • Students who fall short in one subject will be placed in the ‘compartment’ category. The compartment examination will be conducted after the declaration of results to give them a chance to clear that subject.
  • However, those who fall short in more than one subject will be placed in the ‘essential repeat’ category.

What about students who are not happy with this assessment method?

  • Students who are not satisfied with the manner of assessment or the marks they will get will be allowed to sit for written examinations conducted by the board. The CBSE will conduct exams when conditions are conducive for holding the examinations.
  • The marks that they get in this exam will be considered as the final marks.

Source: The Hindu


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