Supreme Court held No extra attempt will be provided in UPSC CSE-2021

In its final ruling, the Supreme Court dismissed a petition filed by aspirants and held No extra attempt will be provided in UPSC-2021.

Earlier the supreme court asked the centre to look into the option of providing extra attempt if a candidate is within the age limit and eligible to take the exam. Initially, the centre was against such an extra attempt. But later, the centre agreed to provide an extra attempt with certain conditions. Such as, an extra attempt will be provided to those candidates who are otherwise not age-barred from appearing in CSE-2021.

It means a candidate who took his/her last attempt in 2020 and is crossing the age limit criteria of UPSC in 2021. Then, he/she is not eligible for this benefit.

But the petitions were filed against age-related restrictions imposed by the centre.

The Supreme Court after hearing both sides of the argument held that No extra attempt will be provided in CSE-2021. The supreme court judgement also noted a few important points. Such as,

Many exams have been conducted during the COVID pandemic. If the Supreme Court shows indulgence in a few of it, then it will have a cascading effect on other examinations also.

So the court dismissed all petitions today, even scrapped the last ruling of a final attempt at the examination.

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