Surya Nutan: Smoke signals from the renewable energy sphere

Source: The post is based on the article “Smoke signals from the renewable energy spherepublished in The Hindu on 27th February 2023

What is the News?

The formal launch of the Indian Oil Corporation’s Surya Natan solar cook-stove at the India Energy Week 2023 must be looked at closely from the point of view of India’s national energy story.

What is Surya Natan?

Surya Nutan is a Stationary, rechargeable, and always kitchen-connected indoor solar cooking.

Developed by: Indian Oil Corporation(IOC)

Working: Surya Nutan works in a Hybrid Mode (i.e. can work on both solar & auxiliary energy sources simultaneously) which makes it a reliable cooking solution.

– In solar mode, the stove collects energy from the sun, converts it into heat through a specially designed heating element, stores thermal energy in a scientifically proven thermal battery and reconverts the energy for use in indoor cooking. The energy captured not just covers the daytime cooking needs of a family of four but also the night meal.

Significance: Surya Nutan can be used in all weather and seasons including when the Sun is not available for long durations or for continuous days, such as monsoons and extreme winters.

– Insulation design of Surya Nutan minimizes radiative and conductive heat losses.

– Surya Nutan is a low or no-maintenance system and the product has a long life.

– The stove which entails a one-time procurement cost and has zero maintenance, is being touted as a substitute for fossil fuels. It does not have a traditional battery that needs replacement. Also, the solar panel has a 25-year life.

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