Swimming as a hobby

1. Strokes/ styles – butterfly, freestyle, individual medley, backstroke.
2. Rules of the game
3. Michael Phelps.- why he won so many medals?
4. Olympics, World Aquatics Championships- sport details
5. Indian swimmers- name few
6. Open water swimming
7. Where in India swimming sport can be developed?
8. Size of swimming pool at Olympics?
9. Who is your favourite swimmer and why?
10. Why do you think we don’t get medals for Swimming in Olympics?

Other questions on swimming

(i) Is swimming the best form of exercise? What are its advantages, disadvantages/limitations ?

(ii) What are various forms of swimming(e.g. free style, back-stroke, breast-stroke, butterfly, medley, etc.)

(iii) Olympics and International competitions have large number of medals in swimming and diving competitions, where India has little presence or fares poorly. What should be India’s approach to win more medals?

(iv) Know about prominent international swimmers and Olympic champions (like Mark Spitz, Matt Biondi, Ian Thorpe, Michael Phelps) and prominent Indian swimmers and national champions.

(v) Should there be free use of technology to develop faster and better swim suits? Or will this mean that it is the better technology which is winning, rather than the better swimmer? Will technology overshadow the human effort?

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